New Column for Quiet Lunch

I have a new column for Quiet Lunch, “Outside Art.” My first entry is on Chicago’s Intuit Museum of Outsider Art. Compared to the usual culture-media pipeline, I’m not writing this series from New York City or L.A., but from my home city of Chicago. With this series on outside art, I’ll continue exploring the… Continue reading New Column for Quiet Lunch

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High Concept Labs

I’m excited to announce that I’m now a board member for High Concept Labs! We’re an arts service organization based in Chicago with a mission to support artists and facilitate dialogue between artists, audiences, and staff. This increases access and transparency to the artistic process and fosters transformational experiences in an environment of experimentation and… Continue reading High Concept Labs

Financial advice for MEL Magazine

Got another call from MEL Magazine based on some of the first-person narratives I provided last year regarding how my wife and I worked our way out of $100,000 in student debt. The writer, Adam Elder, asked for my contribution to “The Normal Person’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions: Spending Less and Saving More.”

Full Nerd: 2017 in Books

I’ve almost always kept a running list of the books I read, but this year I decided to go Full Nerd. I used Google Sheets to log each book I’ve read since October 2016—66 books in total, spread over 384 days. I tracked titles, authors, author genders, copyright and publish dates, genres, page counts, format, dates… Continue reading Full Nerd: 2017 in Books

Two-week trip to the Balkans? Count me in

World Nomads is currently running a travel writing contest for a two-week trip to the Balkans. Comes with free flights, €1000 for a 10-day tour, apparel, a train pass and mentoring with travel writer Tim Neville of Outside Magazine. I’ve entered in past WM competitions, with no success…but maybe this year will be different? Either way, go here to… Continue reading Two-week trip to the Balkans? Count me in

Buzzfeed posted my Donald Trump tweet. Life goal accomplished.

Recently the New York Times wrote this great article about all of the problems in Donald Trump’s White House©, as evidenced by a continued torrent of leaks and gossip from disenchanted staffers. The article included this colorful line: “When Mr. Trump is not watching television in his bathrobe or on his phone reaching out to old campaign… Continue reading Buzzfeed posted my Donald Trump tweet. Life goal accomplished.

Eddie Award win!

A few weeks ago my work in Sync Magazine was nominated for an Eddie Award and at the awards luncheon in New York earlier this week, I took home the Eddie Award for best technology article.