Financial advice for MEL Magazine

Got another call from MEL Magazine based on some of the first-person narratives I provided last year regarding how my wife and I worked our way out of $100,000 in student debt. The writer, Adam Elder, asked for my contribution to “The Normal Person’s Guide to New Year’s Resolutions: Spending Less and Saving More.”

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New post at Medium: “My Year in Christian Discipleship $chool”

This week I posted my first story on Medium, “My Year in Christian Discipleship $chool.” It has taken me more than a decade to be able to tell this story, about what I did between high school and college. A lot of moving parts, some noble intentions, and a shitload of bankrupt beliefs.

I thought the man was dead.

He sat in his Mercedes in the left turn lane with his blinker on but when the light turned green he didn’t move. It was past midnight, mid October. There were no other cars at the quiet intersection — only a 24-hour gas station and a dimly lit subdivision sign. When You’re Here, You’re Home, it said.

The light was about to turn back to red so I honked. Nothing.

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