Full Nerd: 2017 in Books

I’ve almost always kept a running list of the books I read, but this year I decided to go Full Nerd. I used Google Sheets to log each book I’ve read since October 2016—66 books in total, spread over 384 days. I tracked titles, authors, author genders, copyright and publish dates, genres, page counts, format, dates… Continue reading Full Nerd: 2017 in Books

Age of Folly

In trying to make sense of our current political situation, I recently read Lewis Lapham’s Age of Folly, released last month (and currently 50% off print and digital versions at Verso). Broadly speaking, the book claims to examine the last 25 years of America’s “imperial adventure.” Narrowly speaking, it’s 400+ pages of Lapham waxing poetic about… Continue reading Age of Folly

The Night of the Gun

Some words from David Carr’s The Night of the Gun: “Every hangover begins with an inventory.” (8) “I’m not obsessed with my own privates, but I’m not one to point a pistol at them, either.” (13) “Tucked in safe suburban redoubts, kids who had it soft like me manufactured peri. When there is no edge, we… Continue reading The Night of the Gun

Florida Frenzy

Some words from Harry Crews’ Florida Frenzy: “A good editor is nothing but a good reader.” (5) “But this was more serious than death. This was as serious as money.” (17) “Well, like the man says, it’s two kinds of people in this world. Us that wants a drink and them that don’t want us to… Continue reading Florida Frenzy

Desert Solitaire

I recently read Edward Abbey’s, Desert Solitaire. Here are some of my favorite parts: “I’m a humanist; I’d rather kill a man than a snake.” (17) “We have agreed not to drive our automobiles into cathedrals, concert halls, art museums, legislative assemblies, private bedrooms and the other sanctums of our culture; we should treat our national parks… Continue reading Desert Solitaire