everything your new year’s resolutions will do to your brain and body: spending less and saving more

The good folks at MEL Magazine reached out to me at the beginning of this year to follow up some other conversations I’ve had with them the past few years about saving money and spending less. According to the writer, I’m a bona fide “super saver.”

When asked about how my habits and health started to change once I was able to start saving more money after college, I said, “Even though I was already living frugally, I felt like I definitely gained some psychic confidence. There was a calming sense of assurance in knowing that I’d reached a more economically stable place. I was actually able to start thinking more about the future beyond simply surviving the present.”

I’m joined in the article by personal finance expert John Karaffa, who has a lot of great things to say about smart spending.

Read the article here.

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By Ben van Loon

Writer, Researcher, Chicagoan