Letters to Ted Kaczynski: Part I

[I began writing letters to Ted K back in 2011. I needed a muse and so I designated Ted K as the would-be receiver of my epistolary confessionals. I have and will never sent these letters to Ted K. They’re for my own amusement. And now yours. I plan on posting them intermittently. Following is… Continue reading Letters to Ted Kaczynski: Part I

Five Ways to Make X Look Like the Dickhead He Is

[Following is an experimental piece I wrote for theNewerYork a year-or-so ago. It combines mathematics and juvenile self-loathing. All that’s missing from this Neopolitan combo is the strawberry flavor.] 1. Neo-Yiddish Poo-Poo Sequence: X + [shm(X-Y)] X = thing you want to poo-poo Y = consonant(s) prefixing X; if there are no consonant(s) prefixing X, Y=0 Example: You… Continue reading Five Ways to Make X Look Like the Dickhead He Is

Let Me Tell You about the Ibexes

[I took a free trip to Israel in winter 2012 as part of the sometimes-criticized ‘Birthright‘ program, which is an Israel/non-profit/private-funded trip for American Jews between age 18-26 to visit Israel. I would turn 27 shortly after the trip, so I got in just under the wire with Shorashim. It was a great opportunity (to… Continue reading Let Me Tell You about the Ibexes

Serious Tower: Reading Homan Square

In October 2013, I was graciously invited by my friend, John Rich, executive director of Chicago’s venerable Guild Literary Complex, to participate in a reading event organized in cooperation with the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Open House Chicago. The reading was held at the ‘Original Sears Tower‘ in Lawndale’s Homan Square on Chicago’s west side. I… Continue reading Serious Tower: Reading Homan Square

I Made ‘Music.’ Listen To It.

My music-making moniker is Hebdomad, a strange word that means a period of seven days. The name of my album is Borborygmus, an ugly word that means the rumbling/gurgling noise made by the movement of fluid and gas in the intestines. I made most of this album as an undergrad in 2009 and 2010. The music… Continue reading I Made ‘Music.’ Listen To It.

A Dandelion Grows in Cairo

A dandelion grows in Cairo, but not where you’d expect. I’m in Cairo, Illinois. Locals pronounce it care-oh. It’s a small town of 2,831 at the southernmost tip of the state, occupying the 9.08-square-mile interfluve at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. It’s a sweaty, summer afternoon, and I’m standing under the shade… Continue reading A Dandelion Grows in Cairo

Zion, Illinois, or, is That Calf Driving a Land Rover?

You’re fifty miles north of Chicago, driving along Sheridan Road through the main drag of Zion, Illinois. Lake Michigan is a few hundred yards to your east, beyond the pot-holed parking lots, Taco Bells, and boarded-up bodegas. More than 24,400 people call Zion home, and according to the 2010 census, median household income tallies just… Continue reading Zion, Illinois, or, is That Calf Driving a Land Rover?

Prophylactics, Pig Heads, and Preservation: Chicago’s LaBagh Woods

The following essay provides a street-level history of one of my favorite ‘secrets’ in Chicago: the LaBagh Woods. I wrote this at the beginning of 2013 and am putting it here because, fuck it, it’s my website and I can do what I want. Plus, I couldn’t find a good place to get this published. So… Continue reading Prophylactics, Pig Heads, and Preservation: Chicago’s LaBagh Woods

I Read 69 Books in 2013. Wanna Fight About It?

Hard to say if it’s been a successful year. I only read 69 books. But in the midst of all of this, I read countless essays, articles, and magazines—or there were some days where I just rode my bike instead. But still, 69 is a good county with some good visual symmetry. Plus, that some… Continue reading I Read 69 Books in 2013. Wanna Fight About It?

New Website

I just transferred my domain operations from Tumblr to WordPress and now I’m testing it out, so deal. I do still use Tumblr, however. So check that out.

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