Benjamin’s writing, design, and organizational skills have been helpful for our various pursuits and his research has aided our ability to identify new opportunities. Benjamin was also responsible for researching, compiling, and writing the application that allowed me to receive the Ethel S. Birchland Lifetime Achievement Award in his first year at Cotter. I was also grateful to work with Benjamin on an article he pitched and we worked on together for Construction Today magazine, published at the beginning of 2015. I highly recommend Benjamin for his reliability and versatility as a marketer.

—Anne Edwards-Cotter, President, Cotter Consulting


Benjamin van Loon is the German car of the literary world. Surrounded by run-of-the-mill American models, Benjamin’s ambitious, intelligent, and efficient writing can be praised for both allure and performance. His range is enviable. Historical details, philosophical regards, technical jargon—nothing scares him away. That’s what I love in a writer. That he somehow makes his deadlines is icing on the cake.

— Timothy Schuler, Managing Editor, Green Building & Design Magazine


Having worked with Benjamin has been one of the highlights of my career. As his former editor for Canadian Builders Quarterly, I frequently had the good fortune of reading his writing, which was packed with wit, insight, and a unique perspective on the subject matter. Benjamin made my job easy because he was so reliable. I could always count on him to deliver tight, clean copy and good, strong leads. As an editor, it’s not every day that you come along someone like Benjamin. His expertise in writing, communicating, interviewing, and continuously making something out of nothing puts him at the top of my list of people I would work with again. A truly gifted professional.

— Michael Danaher, Production Director & Managing Editor, Advantage Magazine and Canadian Builders Quarterly


Benjamin Van Loon is a flexible professional with the ability to quickly broach new ideas and subject areas. He is comfortable interviewing a wide range of professionals, and delivers informed material on deadline. Most importantly, Ben is a writer with a point of view, looking not at just the “what” of a matter but at the “why.”

— Sean Conner, Managing Editor, Profile Magazine


Ben is magician of language. His editing has an elegance that makes every sentence graceful. Ben has edited my most complex legal scholarship, which, thanks to Ben’s invaluable wordsmithing, has been published in widely-circulated, peer-reviewed law journals. I turn to Ben whenever I need assistance on projects that require delicate prose. I look forward to working with Ben in the future and have no hesitation recommending him to others.

— Christopher Nofal, JD


Ben has been a great independent collaborator and friend. When I need a second look on any copy, he is the man for the job. As my main editor on-call, as well as a persistent guide in content production, I highly recommend Benjamin Van Loon for any job well done.

— Trevor Ewen, Computer Scientist