This is a sampling of my ongoing work. Email me for my CV, specific writing samples, PR placements, or PDFs of completed projects.


For the following publications I’ve written hundreds of features, reviews, interviews, Q&As and other marginalia. Links point to aggregate coverage:

scholarship, criticism & opinion

PR placements

  • ArchDaily
  • Archinect
  • Architect Magazine
  • Architect’s Newspaper
  • Architectural Digest
  • Architizer
  • Bloomberg
  • Bustler
  • Cheddar
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • CityLab
  • Contract
  • Crain’s Chicago Business
  • Curbed Chicago
  • Daily Mail
  • Designboom
  • Dezeen
  • Fast Company
  • Financial Times
  • Forbes
  • FOX Business
  • The Hill
  • Inside Philanthropy
  • Los Angeles Business Journal
  • Metropolis
  • New York Times
  • Travel + Liesure
  • USA Today
  • VentureBeat
  • Wall Street Journal
  • WTTW (Chicago Tonight)

literary & creative

editing & proofreading

books & annual reports

readings & presentations

  • “Failure and the Fast Track to Cult Success” (20th Annual Cinema Studies Graduate Conference,  San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, 10/18)
  • “Troma, The Toxic Avenger, and the Paradox of Cult Communities” (First Forum: On the Fringe, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, 10/15)
  • “Letters to Jeffrey Dahmer” (Pungent Parlour #27, The Black Rock Pub, Chicago, IL, 05/15)
  • “Marginalized Intensity: Repo Man, Punk Rock, and Cult Film Culture” (NEIU’s 23rd Annual Student Research Symposium, Chicago, IL, 04/15)
  • Distinguished Student Speaker (Graduate Recognition Ceremony at NEIU, Chicago, IL, 04/15)
  • “We Hope and We Lose Hope” (NEIU’s 22nd Annual Student Research Symposium, Chicago, IL, 04/14)
  • Novel Excerpt (Pungent Parlour #14, The Black Rock Pub, Chicago, IL, 04/14)
    Reading Homan Square (Guild Complex/Open House Chicago Joint Event, Homan Square, Chicago, IL, 10/13)
  • “Letters to Ted Kaczynski” (Pungent Parlour #6, The Black Rock Pub, Chicago, IL, 07/13)
  • “Letters to Ted Kaczynski” (MAKE #11 Release Party, Rational Park, Chicago, IL, 10/11)
  • “Letters to Ted Kaczynski” (The Mark Weber Show, The Upstairs Gallery, Chicago, IL, 07/11)
  • “Paulo Freire And Philosophy: Rethinking Racism” (The National Conference for Peer Tutoring and Writing, University of Illinois at Chicago, 11/08)

awards & grants

  • 2016 Eddie & Ozzie Award, “Best Single Article in Technology,” FOLIO (10/16)
  • Oxford Bibliographies Media Studies Award, Oxford University Press, (03/16)
  • Distinguished Student Speaker, Northeastern Illinois University (05/15)
  • Library Award for Excellence in Research, Northeastern Illinois University (04/15)
  • IAP Grant, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events (01/15)
  • IAP Grant, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events (04/14)
  • Award of Merit, Northeastern Illinois University (04/14)
  • Satire Award, The NewerYork (12/13)


  • Artist-in-Residence, Starry Night Retreat, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (07/15)