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editorial /

This is a list of ongoing, recent, and past projects where I’ve served as editor, creative director, and project manager. Usually all of these things mean the same thing.

writing /

This is a living list of most of my writing, created and collected over the duration of my career.


(Includes hundreds of articles, features, reviews, interviews, Q&As, marginalia, etc.)

Summit Journal (2019-Present)
Quiet Lunch (2018-2019)
Sync Magazine (2015-2017)
Profile Magazine (2012-2016)
Curbed Chicago(2015)
ALARM Music Magazine (2012-13)
American Builders Quarterly (2012-13)
Canadian Builders Quarterly (2012-13)
Green Building & Design (2012-13)
New American Luxury (2012-13)
Hispanic Executive(2012-13)
Chicago Art Magazine (2011)
Momentum Magazine (2010-12)
+ more

literary / creative

“My Judaism, My Secret Destination” (Medium, 09/17)
“I Used to be a Christian, but then I Found Truth” (Medium, 09/16)
“My Year in Christian Discipleship School” (Medium, 01/16)
“Kill Your Paradigms” (Chicago Literati, 06/15)
“Cairo Don’t Care” (Chicago Literati, 06/14)
“Signal over the Rhine” [Runner-Up] (Calvino Prize for Fiction,12/13)
“Section 5 of the SOP” [Contest Winner] (The Newer York, Winter 2013)
“Mt. Prospect” (Structo Magazine, 05/12)
“Five Ways to Make X Look Like the Dickhead He Is” (The Newer York, 05/12)
“Keocock” (491 Magazine, 06/12)
“Welcome to the Soviet Republic of Wisconsin” (Beloit Fiction Journal, 05/12)
“Bluejacket” (Willow Review, 04/12)
“Cassock” (North Chicago Review, 07/11)
“Roeland Park” (MAKE: Literary Magazine, 11/11)
“August 22nd” (3six5 Project: Chicago, 08/11)
“Last Call for Middle Inlet” (Logan Square Literary Review, 06/11)
“Literaturization” (Versal: Volume 9, 05/11)
“Ashland” (Triggerfish Critical Review: Volume 3, 05/10)

lectures / presentations

– “Crisis Communications” (University of Oklahoma, Virtual, 12/20)
– “Marketing Your Mission in a Post-Pandemic Era” (Arts & Business Council of Chicago, Virtual, 9/20)
– “Failure and the Fast Track to Cult Success” (20th Annual Cinema Studies Graduate Conference,  San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, 10/18)
– “Troma, The Toxic Avenger, and the Paradox of Cult Communities” (First Forum: On the Fringe, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, 10/15)
– “Letters to Jeffrey Dahmer” (Pungent Parlour #27, The Black Rock Pub, Chicago, IL, 05/15)
– “Marginalized Intensity: Repo Man, Punk Rock, and Cult Film Culture” (NEIU’s 23rd Annual Student Research Symposium, Chicago, IL, 04/15)
– Distinguished Student Speaker (Graduate Recognition Ceremony at NEIU, Chicago, IL, 04/15)
– “We Hope and We Lose Hope” (NEIU’s 22nd Annual Student Research Symposium, Chicago, IL, 04/14)
– Novel Excerpt (Pungent Parlour #14, The Black Rock Pub, Chicago, IL, 04/14)
Reading Homan Square (Guild Complex/Open House Chicago Joint Event, Homan Square, Chicago, IL, 10/13)
– “Letters to Ted Kaczynski” (Pungent Parlour #6, The Black Rock Pub, Chicago, IL, 07/13)
– “Letters to Ted Kaczynski” (MAKE #11 Release Party, Rational Park, Chicago, IL, 10/11)
– “Letters to Ted Kaczynski” (The Mark Weber Show, The Upstairs Gallery, Chicago, IL, 07/11)
– “Paulo Freire And Philosophy: Rethinking Racism” (The National Conference for Peer Tutoring and Writing, University of Illinois at Chicago,11/08)

scholarship / criticism

– “Book Review: Media, Technology and Education in a Post-Truth Society” (Communications Booknotes Quarterly 52.4, 07/22)
– “We Are What We Are: Chicago and the Paradox of Protests” (MONU #34 – Protest Urbanism, 11/21)
– “In the world of internet algorithms, there are only two sides to the conflict in Israel” (Chicago Sun-Times, 5/21)
– “Review of Ursula K. Heise’s ‘Science Fiction and the Times Scales of the Anthropocene‘” (Journal of Literature and Science 13.2 (2020), 12/20)
– “Voters Should Hold Themselves Accountable for their Voting Choices” (Interference in Elections, Greenhaven Publishing, 12/19)
– “Book Review: Carter G. Woodson: History, the Black Press, and Public Relations” (Communications Booknotes Quarterly 50.3, 12/19)
– “Albany Park: Edge Zone Chicago” (Chicago Neighborhood Guidebook, Belt Publishing, 10/19)
– “Second thoughts in the Second City” (MONU #29 – Narrative Urbanism, 10/18)
– “Book Review: Metaphysical Graffiti” (Popular Culture Studies Journal 6.3, 09/18)
– “Facebook is a media company, but what’s a media company?” (Center for Digital Ethics & Policy, 03/18)
– “Cult Cinema” (Oxford Bibliographies, 02/18)
– “Powerviolence, or How to Play Punk with a Hammer” (The Punk Reader, University of Porto: Faculty of Arts and Humanities, 11/17)
– “We Hope and We Lose Hope: On Tarkovsky’s The Sacrifice” (Culture on Two Wheels, University of Nebraska Press, 07/16)
“Klaus Kinski and the B’s” (Klaus KinskiBeast of Cinema, McFarland, 05/16)
– “Book Review: A State of Arrested Development” (Journal of Popular Film & Television, 04/16)
“Pre-Crime Monitoring” (Center for Digital Ethics & Policy, 04/16)
“Learning From Lessons Nearly Lost” (Boneshaker, 03/16)
– “Book Review: Werner Herzog: Interviews” (Journal of Popular Film & Television, 01/16)
“The ethics of social news gathering” (Center for Digital Ethics & Policy, 12/15)
“Pro-apocalyptic, or, why we’ve become bored” (PopMatters, 11/15)
“How did I stay normal when I was homeschooled?” (The Guardian, 10/15)
“Crowdsourcing and campaign reform” (Center for Digital Ethics & Policy, 10/15)
“Hobby Lobby ruling is a vat of worms” (Freethought Today, 04/14)
“Privacy and the NSA” (Center for Digital Ethics & Policy, 12/13)
“How do we work towards the ethical evolution of technology?” (Center for Digital Ethics & Policy, 05/13)
“We are what we click” (Center for Digital Ethics & Policy, 02/13)

marketing + pr /

This will be a list of my notable marketing and PR-related projects.

(coming soon)



video /

This will be a list of various videos I have edited or created.

(coming soon)



sounds /

These are various experimental and ambient music albums and artwork I’ve created using found and created sounds.

design /

This will be a list of various graphic design projects I have created.

(coming soon)