anobium #02

Anobium was a literary journal I founded, developed, managed, and built from 2011 to 2015. We focused primarily on experimental literature, poetry, and other hybrid literary forms, as well “outsider art” from the around the world.

This was the second printed publication released by Anobium. It was collaboratively designed by myself and my brother, Jacob van Loon. Original art was provided by French artist Ivan de Monbrison. I oversaw all content curation, editorial operations, creative direction, as well as marketing and publicity for the release.

Features writing and other work from: Jon-Erik Means; Ivan de Monbrison; Kari Larsen; Jeffrey Maclachlan; Vernon Frazer; Kristine Ong Muslim; Graham Tugwell; Jac Jemc; Roxane Gay; John Gosslee; David Appelbaum; R.A. Allen; Rance Denton; Annah Browning; D.E. Steward; Benjamin Goluboff; Jonathan Greenhause; Blaster “Al” Ackerman; Derek Sanchez-Hoeksema; Patrick Somerville; and Jesse Ball.

format / print and digital
specs / (5″x7″), 106 pages
date / winter 2012
isbn-13 / 978-0-615-56908-6
isbn-10 / 0615569080

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By Ben van Loon

Writer, Researcher, Chicagoan